Contact Info

Faculty of Engineering, University Muhammadiyah of Magelang, Jl. Mayjen Bambang Sugeng Km 5 Mertoyudan, Magelang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia

Dr. Arisman. CSEAS

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental Economics
  • Economics of Development
  • Public Policy

Research interests

Environmental Issues in ASEAN, Sustainability, Political Economy, Poverty reduction, Social Capital and Social Security, Corporate Social Responsibility, International Political Economy, Development Issues in Southeast Asia, Political Economy of Indonesia, Public Policy, International Trade, Human Development, Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) development in Indonesia and Southeast Asia, Labour Migration in ASEAN, Marine Environment, Waste Management and Urban Development.


20 year experience in Teaching and research supervision positions in two public universities in Indonesia including Faculty Member at Department of Development Economics, Faculty of Economics and Busines, The State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta and Adjunct Lecturer at University of Indonesia. He has extensive experience in curriculum development and as a peer reviewer of teaching and research programs at The State Islamic University (UIN) Jakarta. Visiting Lecturer at Prince Songkhla University, Thailand and Western Sydney University, Australia. Visiting Fellow at ASEAN Focus Group (Strategic Advisory Consultant), Sydney, Australia.

Arisman has been involved in various research projects and consultancies to ASEAN, United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the European Union (EU), Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA), German Development Agency (GIZ), Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Arisman has provided policy advice and professional training to a broad range of government and local government, business and civil society organizations in Indonesia as well as ASEAN Countries. He has advised ASEAN countries on a range of multi-disciplinary development issues.

Currently, He held the position of Executive Director of Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS), Indonesia. His current research projects include plastic waste management and circular economy in municipalities across Indonesia, assessment of ASEAN Economic Community 2025, SMEs development in Southeast Asia, Poverty and Social Entrepreneurship in Southeast Asia, Social Protection and Human Development, Labour Migration Across ASEAN, Marine Environmental Issues in Southeast Asia region, Waste Management and Urban Development, Sustainability.

Awards and Grants

  • DANIDA Fellowship at Denmark Technical University (DTU), August-September 2019
  • Professional Fellow at George Washington University, US Department of States Fellowship, July 2019
  • DKI Jakarta Province Award for the best 15 Research Project,2012
  • Ministry of Education Republic of Indonesia Award Scholarship for Outstanding Researcher, 2010
  • Endeavour Award Scholarship, Fellowship Program at Western Sydney University, Sydney, Australia, AUSAID (March-June 2008)


  • Survey on single use plastics usage by restaurant industry in Kuta, Bali (supported by DANIDA), 2018
  • Consumer perception on single use plastics towards plastic waste reduction in Jakarta, 2018
  • Determinants of Human Development Index in ASEAN, Journal SIGNIFIKAN (National Accreditation), Faculty of Economic and Business UIN Jakarta, Vol.7 No.1, 2018
  • Protection of Human Rights and Labour Migration for employment purpose across ASEAN, CSEAS, 2018
  • Indonesia: Social Security Reform in Health and Employment, Annex A, APEC Economic Policy Report 2017, November 2017
  • The Potential of Sustainability Science Approach for Multi-Level Marine Governance: A Case Study of Wakatobi National Park,Irina Safitri Zen,Cheryl Rita Kaur and Arisman,Proceeding Asian International Symposium : The Contemporary Maritime Security Issues in the Asian Region : Challenges for Peace,Stability and Sustainability, September 2016
  • The readiness of Small Medium Enterprises(SMEs) in Batam, Bintan and Karimun towards ASEAN Economic Community 2015, CSEAS, 2015
  • Indonesia –Africa Relations: Political Economy Perspective, March 2015, Ministry of Foreign Affairs RI
  • The Impact of CAFTA (China ASEAN Free Trade Area) to Small Medium Enterprise in Indonesia: Case Study of Toys Industry, Journal of Foreign Policy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RI, Vol.30 No.1 January-June 2013
  • Survey on Confidence level consumer and industry for Halal Logo, Ministry of Religious Affairs Republic Indonesia, 2011
  • Perception of Moslem Youth in Southeast Asia for Democracy, Human Rights and Gender Issues, CSEAS, 2009
  • Journal PSPK (Pusat Studi Pengembangan Kawasan/Center for Regional Development Studies), 8thEdition 2006, Quo Vadis Oil Pricing Policy in Indonesia
  • Journal Etikonomi FEIS UIN Jakarta, Vol.3 No.3 2004, Political Economy Review on Privatization Policy in Indonesia
  • Journal Etikonomi FEIS UIN Jakarta, Vol 1, No.1 Desember 2002 “ Impact of developing Palm Oil Industry in Indonesia to Indonesian Economy (Input-Ouput Models Approach)
  • Perda Review Report, KPPOD Team, supported by PEG-USAID (Implementation UU 34/2000 and its implication to business environment)
  • KPPOD News Magazine, April Edition,2002, “Welfare achievement in regional autonomy era through energy utilization
  • Journal University of Paramadina, Vol.2 No.1, September 2002, “Policy Analysis: Indonesian Crude Palm Oil(CPO) Competitiveness”

Recent Professional Seminars and Conferences

  • Marine Plastic Litter and Circular Economy, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Republic of Indonesia, February 2019
  • ASEAN Working Group Meeting on Coastal and Marine Environment, ASEAN Secretariat, Phuket, January 2019
  • Regional Workshop “Managing Packaging Waste – Preventing Marine Litter“, October 31 and November 1,2018 Westin Hotel Nusa Dusa, Bali, Indonesia, organized by  GIZ,ASEAN Secretariat, Norway and BMZ.
  • ‘Our Ocean Youth Leadership Summit’, organized by Sustainable Ocean Alliance and the ministry of marine affairs in Indonesia,Nusa Dua Convention Centre Bali, Indonesia, October 29th-30th 2018.
  • 2018 YSEALI Regional Workshop: Preventing and Combatting Marine Debris in The Seas of Southeast Asia, US Mission to ASEAN and Divers Clean Action, Jakarta August 4-9, 2018.
  • Labour Migration across ASEAN, Sino Buiding, Chinese University of Hongkong, 2 May 2018, Organized by  Research Centre on Migration and Mobity, The Chinese University of Hongkong\
  • Marine Plastic Pollution in ASEAN, 30 March 2018, Organized by Centre for Coastal and Marine Environment, Maritime Institute of Malaysia(MIMA)
  • Marine Microplastics : An Environmental Security Challenge in ASEAN, NTS Asia Consortium Annual Conference 2018 “ Resilience in the face of disruptions”, 27-28 March 2018, Novotel Singapore, organized by RSIS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
  • ASEAN Conference on Reducing Marine Debris in ASEAN Region, JW Marriot Hotel Phuket, Thailand, Organized by ASEAN Secretariat and UNEP, November 2017
  • Seminar “Labour Migration in ASEAN”, Sydney Asia Pacific Migration Centre, University of Sydney, Australia, 26-27 October 2017\
  • Regional Workshop on Protection of Human Rights and Labour Migration for Employment Purpose across ASEAN, CSEAS and The Kingdom of The Netherlands, Novotel Hotel Bogor, October 2017
  • ASEAN-UNESCO Conference on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage on 19-20 September 2017 in Makassar, Indonesia.
  • 2NDInternational Conference on Science and Technology: Promoting Sustainable Agriculture, Food Security, Energy and Environment through Science and Technology for Development,Discovery Hotel Ancol, August 2017
  • International Conference of Science and Technology: Promoting A New Innovation Sustainability Through Science and Technology for Development, UIN Jakarta, ISEI, International Society for Southeast Asian Agricultural Sciences(ISSAAS),Pertanika Journal Universiti Putra Malaysia, Syahid Inn, Jakarta, November 2016
  • International Colloquium : Challenges of Non Traditional Security Issues in Southeast Asia,Center for Global Security,National Defense Academy of Japan, Tokyo, October 2016
  • 2nd High Level International Workshop : Finding Peaceful Solutions for South China Sea Disputes from ASEAN Perspective, Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta, September 2016
  • International Conference on Sustainable Development and Livelihoods: Transforming Communities towards Sustainable Development and Livelihoods,Kenyir Research Institute and School of Fisheries and Aquaculture Sciences,Universiti Malaysia Terengganu,August 2016
  • Asian International Symposium, The Contemporary Maritime Security Issues in the Asian Region : Challenges and Opportunities for Peace,Stability and Sustainability, Shangri-La Hotel, Jakarta, August 2016
  • 4th Annual Pacific Cities Sustainability Initiative Forum: Building Innovative & Climate Smart Cities, Organized by Asia Society, RCCC UI and USC Marshall,  May 31 – June 2,2016, Jakarta
  • The Future of Economic Cooperation and Social Development Japan and ASEAN : Looking for New Approaches, ASEAN Seminar Series,Organized by : Mission Japan to ASEAN, Japan Foundation,ERIA and CSEAS, February 2016
  • Sustainability Leadership in ASEAN Community Higher Education : Experiental & Transformational Learning,UNESCO, Global Action Plan Sweden, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and AKEPT,27-31 October 2015,Siem Reap, Cambodia